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Gain the clarity and confidence you need
to realize your full potential.

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It's common to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck. 

But you don't have to stay there...

I help people go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, confident, and purposeful so they can operate at their highest potential.

You're feeling a sense of overwhelm and discontent.

You feel stuck in your decision making.

You're not sure your life is moving in the right direction.

You're not even certain you know which direction your life should be going in.

You want a change and you want the clarity and confidence to begin moving your life (personal, professional, or spiritual) in a more fulfilling and satisfying direction.


I have an unwavering belief in who you are and who you are capable of becoming. Let's work together to help you reach your fullest potential!

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Working with a coach means you gain that sense of clarity and confidence faster and accomplish your goals much quicker than you would on your own. You'll also gain the mindset and resilience you need to maintain the momentum and keep living the flourishing, purposeful, and satisfying life you were made for. 

I chose to team up with Justin because I felt myself being challenged and growing even from my first consultation, and afterwards feeling a sense of excitement and hope. While working with Justin, I have uncovered what my values are and what my current purpose is, I discovered various limiting beliefs and tools to work through them. I have had so many powerful breakthroughs that have given me clarity and completely shifted my mindset. I am sure if we had not met I would still be spinning my wheels, stuck in the same spot I was in months ago: exhausted, frustrated and not knowing if and how things would ever change. I would say to anyone who is in a situation similar to where I was and is looking for help, give yourself the gift of working with Justin.

-Chloe Doxtad, USA

I've been working with clients around the world for the past 10 years to help them gain clarity and direction in their lives and lead lives of deeper meaning and purpose.


I bring a unique blend of both personal and professional experience, as well as academic knowledge, into our coaching relationship to help you grow in your own self-awareness and then translate that self-awareness into confidence and clarity in the personal, professional, and spiritual components of your life.

Humans are relational beings, that's part of what we Christian's would call the imago dei (image of God) within us. I firmly believe that we reach our fullest potential by developing a strong connection to and awareness of our self, a strong and healthy connection to others, and a secure attachment to God.

Therefore, my work is grounded in my Christian faith and founded in the idea that each human being, by the very nature of being human, has an innate wealth of potential that God has placed within them. I love working with clients to help them realize that potential and achieve the goals they have for themselves.

My desire is to see each of my clients live into all that they were created to be!

 Justin's guidance has helped me connect with my inner self on a much deeper level. He provided me with the tools to explore my beliefs, values, and purpose in life. Beyond the spiritual aspect, working with Justin has significantly impacted my daily life. His practical strategies and tailored action plans have empowered me to make positive changes in various areas, from time management to communication skills. Justin's ability to break down complex challenges into manageable steps has been invaluable in helping me overcome obstacles and achieve personal milestones.

- Justin Spainhoward, USA

A Global Impact

Balanced Coaching Clients

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Justin is a great coach and a lovely man with pure intention. He is one of the few people working in the life purpose space who really gets it, knows what it takes and how to get there. I highly recommend him.

- Adam Tallamy, London, England

Balanced Coaching Pillars
The foundation of the work we'll do together

Understanding Who You Are

Living a purposeful and fulfilling life starts with knowing who you are. Our culture doesn’t prioritize focused self-reflection but it’s critical if you want to gain clarity on how to move forward in your life. Together, we’ll work on:

  • Clarifying your core values

  • Understanding what motivates you

  • Using the science of visualization to create a vision for the future

Finding Purpose

Once you have a better idea of who you are and where you want your life to go, finding a sense of purpose becomes a lot easier. Together, we’ll work on:


  • Finding a sense of purpose and meaning in your life

  • Clarifying your goals

  • Using your unique gifts and talents to begin defining a path forward in your life

Fostering Connections

In a world that often feels disconnected, fostering genuine connections becomes a vital part of personal growth and fulfillment. Connections are at the heart of a thriving life. Together we'll work on:

  • Connecting with Self: Understanding your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and embracing self-compassion. This connection with oneself lays the foundation for connecting with others and the world around you.

  • Connecting with Others: Building and nurturing relationships that are meaningful and supportive. This includes family, friends, colleagues, and community. We'll explore communication skills, empathy, and trust to strengthen these connections.

  • Connecting with God: For those who share a Christian faith, this connection represents a spiritual bond that provides guidance, strength, and purpose. We'll explore ways to deepen this connection through prayer, meditation, and understanding of spiritual principles.

Building Self Confidence

Feeling unsure of yourself happens to all of us and can be one of the biggest barriers to living into your full potential. Recognizing these feelings is the key to beating them and feeling more confident. Together, we’ll work on:

  • Learning to recognize and face your fears and self-doubts head-on

  • Uncovering new strengths and abilities you never knew you had

  • Increasing your self-esteem and confidence

Building Resilience

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us. Even the best laid plans can be thrown off course. What do we do when that happens? Together we’ll work on:

  • Building a growth mindset

  • Learning to make better decisions

  • Learning from mistakes and pushing forward

  • Staying focused when things seem to get in our way

Justin has been my mindset mentor ever since I first found his book and met him. Through his inspiration and mentoring of me, I have seen a lot of changes in my life and he has helped me to understand why God created me and the purpose He has for my life. Through his mentoring of me, so many people in Kenya are now learning from his work as I carry his teachings into my work in the Kenyan prisons.

- Samwel Masore, Nairobi, Kenya

Working together is easy...


Schedule a Clarity Call


In a 45-minute call, you and I will talk about where you want your life to go, what's holding you back, and which coaching program is right for you.


Customized Plan


I'll tailor my coaching program to take you from where you are right now toward the life of purpose and meaning you're looking for.



Experience Transformation


Once we begin working together, you won't recognize your old self! You'll move from confusion into clarity and from overwhelm into purpose and fulfillment!

One-on-One Coaching Program

Balanced Life Membership

I prefer to build deep connections with my clients, work with them on their timeline rather than mine, and be a true "friend on the journey". That's why I offer a coaching subscription. This format is for those who are committed to deep personal transformation.


The effects of ongoing coaching compound, meaning the work builds on itself, and the value builds over time. This is the result of building a strong rapport with a coach who truly understands you the more you work together. It’s also the result of stacking breakthroughs on top of one another. When progress is made in one area or moment of life, it unlocks a new door to yet another breakthrough.


Offering up to three tailored sessions each month, this program is designed to help you navigate life's challenges, set achievable goals, and foster meaningful connections. Our sessions will be hyper-focused on your unique situation to provide a holistic and personalized journey toward self-improvement. 

After each session you will receive a recording of the session as well as a detailed summary of the session complete with key themes, reflection questions, and action steps.

I never want finances to be a barrier to our working together, so I've developed a tiered subscription system that has multiple access points to coaching.

The Balanced Life Membership is your flexible, focused first step toward a life of clarity, confidence, and purpose! (22).png

Organizational Coaching

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In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also help organizations gain clarity and operate at their fullest potential.

Built upon the core pillars of understanding who you are, finding purpose, building self-confidence, and resilience, our coaching program is designed to elevate your organization from the inside out.


I help your leaders and teams become connected to themselves, to each other, and to the larger mission of your organization.

My Approach

Initial Consultation: Understand the unique challenges and goals of your organization.


Customized Coaching Plan: Tailored to meet the specific needs of your executives, leaders, and teams.

Assessments: Utilize tools like CliftonStrengths, DISC, and MBTI to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Ongoing Support: Long-term engagement and coaching sessions to ensure sustainable growth and transformation.

What I Offer

Executive Coaching: Elevate the performance and decision-making skills of your top-level executives.

Leadership Training: Equip your leaders with the tools they need to inspire and manage effectively.

Team Development: Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation among your teams.

Assessments and Reports: Comprehensive analysis using tools like CliftonStrengths, DISC, and MBTI.

Gaining clarity and confidence in your life can be difficult.
But you don't have to do it alone. 

You might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unsure about the direction of your life right now. You may even feel disconnected from yourself, God, and those around you. There may be a voice inside you doubting your potential to live a thriving life due to your past or present circumstances. Fear of failure might be holding you back. Yet, you believe there is more to life, a deeper level of contentment and fulfillment waiting for you.

Here's the good news: your journey towards a fulfilling life starts here. You are not alone in this process! I can help you recognize and tackle the internal obstacles standing in your way.

Meeting with Justin has been incredibly helpful and insightful. Justin asks all the right questions to get you to really think about what your passions are. He has a very intimate, personal approach which will assure you that he really deeply cares about you and your future. I have found that meeting with Justin was just what I needed to begin shaping the future I am best suited for. If you are in a place of confusion regarding your future and need clarity, I would 100% endorse meeting with Justin.

-Jacob Valliere, USA

The 'thing' you've been searching for to make your life "click" isn't external—it's within you. Through coaching, I can help you unearth your intrinsic value, guiding you toward your own unique sense of purpose and fulfillment. You'll be empowered to transform your inner voice from a critic into a cheerleader, helping you replace fear with confidence and uncertainty with clarity.

Imagine feeling a deep sense of purpose, satisfaction, and contentment in your life, irrespective of your job, relationships, or wealth. Picture yourself with a clear understanding of who you are and what you want from life. Visualize a life with less anxiety and stress, enriched by fulfilling relationships, a satisfying career, and personal growth. This is the abundant life you were meant to live, and it's closer than you think.

By working with me, you will:

  • Experience a deeper sense of fulfillment in your relationships, career, and personal growth

  • Become more decisive and confident, making choices that align with your values and priorities

  • Build a resilient mindset and a robust self-confidence foundation

  • Gain a clear sense of direction, meaning, and purpose

The key to unlocking this life is not as elusive as it seems—it requires courage, the courage you've already demonstrated by being here. I founded Balanced Coaching to guide individuals like you from a state of overwhelm and stagnation to a fulfilling, purposeful life. If you're prepared to take your life to the next level, let's start this journey together. Your life of purpose and fulfillment awaits

Justin is a Board Certified Advanced Life Coach with the Board of Christian Life Coaching, a division of the International Board of Christian Care and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has demonstrated knowledge and application of biblical integration in coaching, the ICCA and ICF Core Competencies, the Code of Ethics, and the ICF definition of coaching.


Justin is a Certified Professional Coach with the International Guild of Professional Coaches. Through training and examination, he has demonstrated knowledge and application of advanced coaching skills and application of coaching theory.

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Fully Insured

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