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(Re)discover your purpose

Live with confidence

Find balance

Are you
feeling overwhelmed with life?

Life is hard and busy. It seems like the world is moving at lightning speed. You have so many demands for your time and your attention. You have so many decisions facing you every day. Catching your breath feels nearly impossible.

Do you
feel stuck, disconnected, empty and unsure of what to do?

Being overwhelmed often leads to a feeling of being stuck, unable to get your bearings, and unable to move forward. When that happens you begin to feel frustrated, anxious, depressed, irritated, and the list goes on. You're surrounded by other people, but still, feel completely disconnected from them. You bounce around from one thing to the next, hoping you'll eventually find that "thing" that makes these feelings go away.

You want a
purposeful and meaningful life

Even saying that feels like an impossibility for you. You've already invested too much time and energy to even think about trying anything different. You feel like you don't deserve the life you want. Or you've tried before to find purpose and direction in life, only to end up down a dead-end path yet again.

The problem is that you've likely only looked at external ways of trying to fix the problem and haven't done the necessary work on yourself to be satisfied and confident in who you are. If you don't even know who you are and what your purpose is, it's nearly impossible to then build a life of meaning and purpose. If your sense of identity and purpose comes from something external, you'll never have the firm foundation needed to build a solid life.

Until you do the work to know yourself and how God has uniquely created you and then realign your life accordingly, you'll never build a fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life.


Image by Aaron Burden

hyper-personalized coaching,

we can work together to help you (re)discover who you are, how God has uniquely created and gifted you, and ultimately what's blocking you from living the fulfilling and purposeful life you were created for.

We'll work to identify your core values and life purpose and then realign your life in light of those two things so that you can begin living a more thriving, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

You'll have greater confidence in yourself and how God can use you.

And you'll be confident that you know where you're going and how to get there.

I spent decades wandering through life with
no confidence in my purpose.

But, I was being successful at what I was doing, so I thought that must be all there was to life: do your job and struggle through.

I assumed that I'd eventually reach the point where I felt fulfilled and satisfied. The next job or the next promotion would be "it."

But it never was.

Eventually, the stress, anxiety, frustration, and irritation caught up with me, and I was totally overwhelmed. With every "next thing," I still felt like something was missing, and I was losing hope that I would ever get the fulfilling and satisfying life I wanted.

That's when I realized the answer had to be internal and not external.

When I turned my attention and focus inside and was willing to do the work of getting to know myself and how I was created, I began to realize that purpose, meaning, fulfillment, identity, and value will NEVER come from external things. In the words of Ecclessiastes, I was actually "chasing after the wind."

When I got to know who I was and how God created me, and then realigned my life in light of that, it was life-changing. I began finding purpose, meaning, and fulfillment everywhere I looked. I was finally able to bring balance to my personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Life became exciting. Sure, I still get anxious and frustrated sometimes, but now I have the knowledge and tools to move forward and not get stuck and overwhelmed. And if I do get stuck and overwhelmed, I have a road map to get out!

So, I started 
Balanced Coaching & Consulting to help people like you move out of being overwhelmed and stuck into the same deep sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment I found.

I hope you'll let me help you move forward into the life you were designed and created for.

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