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Find freedom from 
fear and anxiety!


Take your first steps back to inner peace and a joyful relationship with God.

Do you feel overwhelmed by constant thoughts of guilt, sin, and unworthiness?


Are you struggling to connect with God because of the intrusive thoughts related to your faith?


You are not alone, and there is hope. You can find the reassurance and support you need to break free from the chains of scrupulosity (religious OCD) and experience the deep, unwavering love of God.

As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I help individuals struggling with religious OCD find comfort, reassurance, and the tools they need to overcome their challenges.


I'm also seminary-trained and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach Practitioner. That means my coaching process is grounded in biblical principles and backed by research, ensuring a unique and effective approach tailored to your needs.

My coaching approach involves:

  1. One-on-one sessions with an experienced, seminary-trained coach who has actually experienced religious OCD

  2. Personalized guidance based on your unique struggles and goals

  3. A faith-based, research-supported approach to help you grow in your relationship with God

Imagine a life free from the crippling weight of scrupulosity/religious OCD, where you can fully embrace the love and grace that God has for you.


I'll work with you to help you gain the knowledge and skills to manage your thoughts and emotions, and ultimately strengthen your relationship with God and find lasting peace in your faith.

As a coach who has personal experience with scrupulosity and how it feels, I am committed to helping you:

  • Develop coping strategies to combat intrusive thoughts and negative beliefs

  • Rediscover the joy and freedom that comes from a deep connection with God

  • Build resilience and confidence in your faith journey

Don't let scrupulosity hold you back from the fulfilling spiritual life you desire. Take the first step towards healing and reconnecting with God by scheduling a free, no obligation coaching call today.

Your journey towards healing and a stronger relationship with God starts here. Let's work together to help you begin to experience the freedom and peace that comes from overcoming scrupulosity.


Don't wait – take the first step today and rediscover the joy of your faith.

Take that first step!

Spend some time with me so I can assess your current situation and find out whether I’m the right coach for you.

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