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Why Life Purpose is Important

In today's fast-paced world, many of us feel overwhelmed and directionless. We're often caught up in the daily grind, losing sight of what truly matters. But what if there was a way to bring more meaning and fulfillment into our lives? This is where the concept of 'life purpose' comes into play.

Finding life purpose

Why Should I Find My Life Purpose?

Life purpose is the driving force that propels us forward, giving us a sense of direction and motivation. It's the underlying reason why we do what we do, providing us with a clear focus and helping us make decisions that align with our deepest values and aspirations.

1. Life Purpose and Personal Fulfillment

Having a clear life purpose can lead to a deeper sense of personal fulfillment. When our actions and goals align with our purpose, we experience a sense of satisfaction and contentment that goes beyond temporary happiness.

2. Life Purpose and Confidence

Knowing your life purpose can boost your confidence. When you understand your 'why', you become more decisive and self-assured, making choices that align with your values and priorities.

3. Life Purpose and Resilience

Life purpose can also foster resilience. When faced with challenges, knowing your purpose can provide the motivation and strength to persevere, helping you navigate life's ups and downs with grace and courage.

4. Life Purpose and Success

Finally, having a clear life purpose can lead to success. By focusing your energy and efforts on what truly matters to you, you're more likely to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

Initial Steps to Identify Your Life Purpose

Finding your life purpose might seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some initial steps to guide you on this journey:

1. Reflect on Your Passions and Interests: What activities make you lose track of time? What topics could you talk about for hours? These could be clues to your life purpose.

2. Consider Your Strengths: What are you naturally good at? What skills or talents do you have? Your life purpose could be tied to utilizing these strengths.

3. Identify Your Core Values: What principles are most important to you? What do you stand for? Your life purpose is likely aligned with these core values.

4. Seek Feedback: Talk to people who know you well. They may provide insights into your strengths and passions that you may have overlooked.

5. Experiment and Learn: Try new things and step out of your comfort zone. You may discover a passion or interest that could lead to your life purpose.

6. Ask God: As a Christian Life Coach, I can't leave this out. The Lord has made each and every one of us and is the ultimate Author of our purpose. Ask Him to help you gain clarity on what you're here to do. He will answer!

I recently released a book focused on this very topic. It's call Pursuing Your Purpose and is a quick, practical guide to helping you identify and live into your life's purpose. I encourage you to grab a copy!

Final Thoughts

Finding your life purpose is not just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have for anyone seeking a fulfilling, successful life. As a life coach, I'm committed to helping you discover your life purpose and align your life with it. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, let's talk!


Justin is a Board Certified Advanced Life Coach with the Board of Christian Life Coaching, a division of the International Board of Christian Care and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has demonstrated knowledge and application of biblical integration in coaching, the ICCA and ICF Core Competencies, the Code of Ethics, and the ICF definition of coaching.


Justin is a Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach with the Board of Mental Health Coaching, a division of the International Board of Christian Care and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has demonstrated knowledge and application of biblical integration in providing ethical and competent mental health coaching.

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