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I help leaders and organizations create cultures that foster belonging and human flourishing.

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Stop leaving your leadership and team's potential on the table.

It's costing you and your team

You're feeling a sense of overwhelm and discontent in your leadership.

You feel as though your team members aren't connecting as well as they could.

You're not sure you're leading to your fullest potential.

You know your team isn't perfoming as well as it could be.

You want a change and you want the clarity and confidence to begin leading with authenticity, passion, and effectiveness.


I have an unwavering belief in who you are and the leader you are capable of becoming. Let's work together to tap into your fullest leadership potential!

Partnering with a coach not only accelerates your journey to clarity and confidence but also equips you to foster a culture of belonging within your team. This sense of belonging amplifies the potential of every team member, driving forward momentum. With the right guidance, you can harness the resilience and mindset needed to lead effectively, ensuring that both you and your team realize your fullest potential.

Dr. Tilghman has been a great help to me. His creative and practical approach to leadership has produced outstanding results. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

-Jordan Pate, former Program Director for the largest EMS training program in the US

I've been working with clients around the world for the past 10 years to help them gain clarity and a leadership style that emphasizes individual flourishing. This approach ensures that every team member feels valued, enhancing overall performance.

Having led governmental, non-profit, and higher education programs for the past 10 years, I bring a unique blend of both personal and professional experience, as well as academic knowledge, into our coaching relationship to help you grow in your own self-awareness and then translate that self-awareness into confidence and clarity to create organizational cultures that foster belonging and flourishing.

My work is grounded in my Christian faith and founded in the idea that each human being, by the very nature of being human, has an innate wealth of potential that God has placed within them. I love working with clients to help them realize that potential and achieve the goals they have for themselves.

My desire is to see each of my clients become the effective and inspiring leaders and organizations they were meant to be!

A Global Impact

Coaching Clients

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Working together is easy...


Schedule an Intake Call


In a 45-minute call, you and I will talk about where you and your team are right now, where you want to go, and what's holding you back.


Customized Plan


I'll develop a highly-customized coaching program that will take you from where you are right now toward the vision you have for you and your team.



Experience Transformation


Once we begin working together, you won't recognize your old self! You'll move from confusion into clarity and from overwhelm into leading with purpose and fulfillment!

Becoming the leader you want, and were meant, to be can be difficult.
But you don't have to do it alone.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or uncertain about the direction of your leadership journey right now. You may even feel disconnected from your team, your organization, and your own leadership capabilities. There might be a voice inside you doubting your potential to lead effectively and create positive change due to past experiences or current challenges. Fear of failure or judgment might be holding you back.


At the same time, you believe there is more to leadership, a deeper level of impact and fulfillment waiting for you. True leadership is not just about leading others; it's about fostering a culture of belonging where every team member feels valued and connected.

Here's the good news: your journey towards impactful and effective leadership starts here. You're not alone in this process! I can help you recognize and tackle the obstacles standing in your way.

The essence of impactful leadership isn't found outside—it's within you. With tailored coaching, we'll tap into your inherent leadership qualities, aligning them with the principles of belonging. By doing so, we'll transform that inner critic into a guiding voice, replacing doubt with conviction and uncertainty with a clear vision.

Envision a leadership role where you're not just leading but connecting, creating a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment for your whole team or organization.


Imagine understanding your leadership style in-depth, setting clear goals for your team, and fostering an environment where everyone feels they belong.


This is the influential leadership role you were made for, and it's closer than you think.

By partnering with me, you'll:

  • Dive deeper into team dynamics, ensuring everyone feels they belong, enhancing strategic planning and leadership growth.

  • Make decisive, confident choices that resonate with both your and your organization's core values.

  • Cultivate a resilient leadership mindset, grounded in self-assurance and the principles of belonging.

  • Chart a clear course, filled with vision and purpose, as a leader who not only leads but connects.

The key to unlocking your leadership potential isn't as elusive as it seems - it requires courage, the courage you've already shonw by being here. 


At Balanced Coaching & Consulting, my mission is to guide leaders like you from feelings of overwhelm to a state of empowered, visionary leadership that emphasizes belonging for everyone on your team.


If you're ready to elevate your leadership and foster a culture where everyone feels they belong, let's embark on this transformative journey.

A life of purposeful, effective leadership is just around the corner. Let's make it a reality.

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Justin is a Board Certified Advanced Life Coach with the Board of Christian Life Coaching, a division of the International Board of Christian Care and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has demonstrated knowledge and application of biblical integration in coaching, the ICCA and ICF Core Competencies, the Code of Ethics, and the ICF definition of coaching.

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